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Biometric Systems

Involved in biometric identification technologies for many years, leader in the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems) market for both police and civil applications, Citytec Dubai applies biometric solutions which are the sole existing capable of handling with equal ease population databases of all sizes, through the use of modular approach.


Biometric systems contribute effectively to establishing the security demanded by governments and citizens. To contribute to the fight against crime, Citytec Dubai has lots of experience in METAMORPHO™, a fingerprint identification system. METAMORPHO™ is the only new generation, automatic, integrated system currently in operation for identifying people on the basis of their fingerprints and palm prints. It has been developed by Sagem to respond to the organisational requirements of forensic scientists with a product based on the latest technology.


Civil Registration - modernisation and management of vital record registries, implementation of National Population databases as well as issuance of secure ID documents

Driving Licence Issuance - Sagem has successfully introduced the Driving Motor Vehicle sector biometrics-based solutions to guarantee the unique association "one-license / one-identity"

Asylum Card Issuance - it allows quick and positive verification of an applicant's identity through comparison of biometric data securely coded on the chip of a card, with the biometric data taken from the applicant

Education - authenticating students, but also professionals of education and all the public and private actors engaged in student service delivery

Transportation And Travelling

the issuance of secured travel documents in compliance with I.C.A.O. recommendations. The multi-biometric passport system enables to issue Machine Readable Passports (MRP) which use three biometric technologies, separately or in combination (face, fingerprint, iris recognition)

the multi-biometric MorphoKiosk, a person and document inspection system. It reinforces airport security, enhances public confidence and reduce passenger inspection time

to control the employee access to airport secure areas, Citytec Dubai supplies Morphoaccess™ physical access device

background checks can be applied for both passengers and employees

Welfare - control, through a biometric system, the allocation and distribution of welfare payments so that fraud may be eliminated and entitlements and resources equitably distributed


The Principle

Contrary to police applications, which require rolled fingerprints of all ten fingers (images obtained by rolling the finger from nail to nail, civil applications require plain prints of two fingers). The applicant places each finger on an optic sensor and the image of his/her fingerprint is immediately digitised. Capturing the images takes just two or three seconds, it only requires a little practice and no prior experience by the employee assigned to perform the task.

The Portable Registration Unit

It is a unit designed to collect the photograph and fingerprints of people applying for ID documents. It is equipped with a MORPHOTOUCH™ and a digital camera. The MORPHOTOUCH™ memory can record the images of around 500 people. They are indexed by the unique number of the form used to collect the personal details.

The Rugged Mobile Unit

This unit has been specially designed to operate in hostile environments (sand, dust, etc.).

It includes a rugged portable PC, a fingerprint reader and a video camera or digital camera. The water-tight casing includes an independent power supply.

Fixed Work Stations

In addition to mobile and portable units, Citytec Dubai also provide traditional fixed work stations which consist of a PC and the peripherals required to capture the images (fingerprints, photographs, signatures, etc.).


MorphotouchT is a multi-functional biometric terminal, incorporating fingerprint identification. It has an extremely wide range of applications:

  • pension payment
  • customs check
  • loyalty programme
  • physical access control
  • time and attendance
  • enrolment, etc.
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